Albion Malleable Brewing Company started out as a few guys tired of settling for just good enough for Albion.

We were three guys who had a choice – accept what was good enough for our community or build the community we wanted to live in. The dream was to build a place, business and team that guests would’t be satisfied to find just in Albion, but amazed to find anywhere. And this place, this business and this team would create a sense of community, a space for people to gather, and a vision be a part of the beginning of a new chapter for the community it calls home. Our first meeting was at a diner, then we moved to our kitchens and local coffee shops, and then finally we landed at the south end of downtown Albion, MI at the corner of Superior and Ash. The dream really came alive in September 2017 when construction on our taproom, kitchen and brewhouse really got underway. We value craftsmanship, teamwork, being deliberate and attentive in all that we do, and above all else, community. We love the Albion community! Its history, the people and businesses that call it home now, and the possibilities its future holds.

Why did we name our company "Albion Malleable Brewing Company"?

We looked to the best of Albion’s past as a guide to building its future. Albion Malleable Iron Company was the economic engine that put bread on many of Albion’s families’ tables for most of the 20th century. Being a manufacturer, and with aspirations of creating opportunities for ourselves and others to put bread on our families’ tables, Albion Malleable was shamelessly resurrected. It has been overwhelming to see the feelings of pride evoked by our name as people are again hopeful that a better time is returning to Albion.

Our Mission

Our mission is the dent we want to make in the universe; the unqualified and unapologetic fermentation of our deepest desires and highest aspirations. This is something we strive for every day, may or may not ever totally fulfill, but we’re willing to die trying! Our mission is to grow the community of Albion, Michigan through an enduring business that provides our guests with great food, great beer and great service. We work as an inspired team to create an exceptional experience for as many people as possible. Everyone who experiences Albion Malleable knows we are passionate about our work and we are proud to work in Albion. We share our passion and pride through telling stories; the stories of our food, our beer and our community – the stories ingrained in everything we do.

Beer & Food

We are inspired by the Belgian beer tradition and offer a wide variety of Saisons, Ambers, IPAs and Stouts. We’re proud of the consistent quality of our beer, and that our guests know what to expect when they order a pint of their favorite brew. Our food menu features original takes on familiar dishes. We focus on in-house scratch cooking that lets our food speak for itself.